By Michael Spencer

DENVER (CBS4) – The Nuggets will have the 14th pick in the 2018 NBA Draft.

The draft order was announced tonight at the NBA Draft Lottery in Chicago. Nuggets guard Jamal Murray was on hand representing the team.

Staying at 14 is not a surprise for the Nuggets. Since the NBA Draft Lottery increased to 14 teams in 2005 after the addition of the Charlotte Bobcats in 2004 the number 14 pick has never moved up.

The Nuggets are now 0-16 when it comes to moving up in the drawing.

The Nuggets will have the 14th pick in the first round and do not own their second-round pick — which was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers via UTA to Chicago.

However, the Nuggets own second round picks from the Los Angeles Clippers (43rd overall) and Golden State Warriors (58th overall).

Denver finished the 2017 season with a 46-36 record.

The Phoenix Suns will have the number one overall pick.

The NBA Draft will be on June 21.

Here’s the entire order of this year’s draft:

1. Suns 31. Suns 2. Kings 32. Grizzlies 3. Hawks 33. Hawks 4. Grizzlies 34. Magic 5. Mavericks 35. Mavericks 6. Magic 36. Kings 7. Bulls 37. Knicks (from Bulls) 8. Cavs (from Nets) 38. 76ers (from Nets) 9. Knicks 39. 76ers (from Knicks) 10. 76ers (from Lakers) 40. Nets (from Lakers) 11. Hornets 41. Magic (from Hornets) 12. Clippers (from Pistons) 42. Pistons 13. Clippers 43. Nuggets (from Clippers) 14. Nuggets 44. Wizards 15. Wizards 45. Nets (from Bucks) 16. Suns (from Heat) 46. Rockets (from Heat) 17. Bucks 47. Lakers (from Nuggets) 18. Spurs 48. Wolves 19. Hawks (via Wolves) 49. Spurs 20. Wolves (from Thunder) 50. Pacers 21. Jazz 51. Pelicans 22. Bulls (from Pelicans) 52. Jazz 23. Pacers 53. Thunder 24. Blazers 54. Mavericks (from Blazers) 25. Lakers (from Cavs) 55. Hornets (from Cavaliers) 26. 76ers 56. 76ers 27. Celtics 57. Thunder (from Celtics) 28. Warriors 58. Nuggets (from Warriors) 29. Nets (from Raptors) 59. Suns (from Raptors) 30. Hawks (from Rockets) 60. 76ers (from Rockets)

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