Published: Mar 5, 2015, 3:44 pm By Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist Staff As news broke this morning on the fourth federal lawsuit filed against Colorado marijuana — this one brought on by six in-state sheriffs and some of their peers in Nebraska and Kansas — we listened to these officials talk about their concerns.
As plaintiff Chad Day, sheriff of Yuma County, said: “As a Colorado sheriff, I am put in an untenable position because virtually every time I support Colorado’s marijuana law, I violate federal law, and virtually every time I attempt to support federal law, I violate Amendment 64. My deputies and I, and all of our law-enforcement officers, need to know where the law stands, what we are to enforce and whether marijuana is legal or illegal. Right now, it is chaotic and contradictory – and all parties are at risk as a result.”
It made us wonder: Do all Colorado sheriffs feel this way, torn between two masters? Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario isn’t a plaintiff in the case but voiced his support for his litigious colleagues in a statement: “I am fully supportive of this lawsuit.”

So are all of Colorado’s sheriffs on board?
That’s when San Miguel County Sheriff Bill Masters came to mind. Masters, based out of southwestern Colorado mountain hamlet Telluride, has spoken favorably about the impact of legalization, but he hardly gives legal weed a pass. He calls the state’s constitutional amendments “terrible” and has serious concerns about the way medical and recreational regulations have been written — specifically on the medical side regarding caregivers.
So what does Masters think about his peers’ freshly filed lawsuit against the state of Colorado?
“I don’t get it,” Masters told The Cannabist via telephone from Telluride. “Unless I’m missing something, and I’m not a constitutional scholar, but I don’t see anywhere in the U.S. Constitution where it requires a local, elected law enforcement official to enforce federal law. We don’t enforce immigration law. We don’t enforce Forest Service or EPA regulations. I don’t see why this is such a … – Click Here To Visit Article Source