The now-closed Bank of America office in Fresno’s Tower District is seen in this file photo. It will become a dispensary with council action this week.

published on October 29, 2021 – 4:39 PM
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The Fresno City Council voted on the appeals of applicants for five rejected cannabis licenses at a special meeting on Wednesday.

The city council denied three cannabis licenses and declined to vote on one appeal. Only one applicant’s appeal was upheld, allowing it to proceed.

That dispensary is set to open at 1265 N Wishon Ave., formerly a Bank of America, under the Sacramento-based cannabis brand Lemonnade.

To apply for a new license, the rejected candidates would have to start the application process over again.

Public comment before the appeals were considered ranged in support of dispensaries in Fresno while others voiced concerns of crime, proximity to schools and minors being exposed to cannabis.

One councilmember tasked City Manager Thomas Esqueda with presenting proposals that reflect the values of the council and aren’t just driven by economic interests.

“…This body has continuously, through multiple policies and multiple actions, made it crystal clear that residential neighborhoods, schools, parks and community centers need to

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