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Cannabis available for purchase at Harvest of Napa in 2019. Harvest’s business has evolved, CEO Steve White said. The dispensary now says it would pivot to recreational sales in the event Napa’s retail cannabis sales ordinance allowed that in addition to medical use marijuana.

Register file photo Sarah Klearman

Changes to regulation of retail cannabis sales in the city of Napa must be made thoughtfully or risk threatening the viability of the city’s existing dispensaries, those businesses say.

In February, Napa City Council voted unanimously to include Napa’s cannabis-selling ordinance on a list of six policy objectives to prioritize for 2021, according to Councilmember Beth Painter. The vote signals a relatively recent willingness on behalf of city officials to consider allowing recreational cannabis sales to adults over the age of 21, industry members say. Napa’s current ordinance permits only medicinal sales, for which customers need a physician-approved medical use card.

Though the “med card” requirement is less of an obstacle than it was five years ago – interested patients need no longer see a

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