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DENVER — Teachers and parents at a downtown Denver charter school say they were outraged after police officers swept it to search for a student wanted for first-degree attempted murder last month.

The principal of Rise Up Community School at 2342 Broadway near Park Avenue West said one teacher was pushed by police and a staff member had three guns drawn on her during the sweep.

Parents and faculty members are calling for investigations by Denver Public Schools and the Denver Police Department’s internal affairs division.

On April 24, police responded to the school to look for a student wanted for attempted first-degree murder in Lakewood.

“I thought there was like an active shooter because [police] brought so many people over here,” a witness said.

Witnesses said dozens of officers swarmed the high school property — a charter school for kids struggling to graduate.

The school said police asked to talk to the wanted student — who the principal said was not in class.

“I said the student is not here, and [police] said, ‘We’re not sure we believe you,’” Rise Up principal Lucas Ketzer said.

Denver Public Schools said in a statement that Department of Safety Chief Michael Eaton, “recognizing the conflicting information but acknowledging the risk that there could be an armed student on campus, allowed DPD to search the classrooms.”

“They had grabbed a student by his arm and lifted him up in class and they were like we need you to take off your hat please,” one student said in a video released by Padres & Jovenes Unidos.

Officers did not find the suspect.

In a statement, police said imminent and potentially dangerous circumstances — and confirmation from a staff member that the suspect

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