Here at Colorado Harvest Co.’s grow site, 45 people are packed into a maze of a building. Employees crowd into the warehouse to care for hundreds of marijuana plants which are bathed in artificial light to simulate the seasons. The air has a pungent aroma. Each plant is pruned, fed and, eventually, trimmed, cured, dried and packaged to be sold at a dispensary in the city.
Tim Cullen, a former high school science teacher, started the company after receiving a small clipping, a clone, from a friend-of-a-friend in Amsterdam. You can still buy its offspring — Skunk 1.Today, years later, pot is Cullen’s full-time business, and business is great. He expects to hire about 40 additional people this year.He and his business partner, Ralph Morgan, also own Evergreen Apothecary on South Broadway, a Colorado street most locals refer to as The Green Mile. Cullen says the store did more than $6 million in sales last year and Colorado Harvest Co. had about $2.3 million.Ron Kammerzell, the Senior Director of Enforcement at the Colorado Department of Revenue, said legalized marijuana brought in about $56 million in additional taxes to the state last year. He said the money pays for training police and to build schools.But with the extra cash comes controversy.Addiction specialists and some doctors have been very vocal in their opposition to legalization in Colorado, a state that can provide a road map of issues and conflicts that Alaska can expect when marijuana becomes legal this month.”You’ve got to expect them to do what any commercial industry is going to do,” said Ben Cort with the Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation. They have to “convert current users to more frequent users and get themselves new users because that’s where the money’s at.”He said children have accidentally overdosed after finding their parents’ edibles, which often look like tasty desserts such as cake or gummy bears.Cullen disputes that.”I find it hard to believe that people are accidentally ingesting these things,” Cullen said. “It would be the same thing as you keeping your vodka in a sippy … – Click Here To Visit Article Source