It was highly anticlimactic by the time the Denver Broncos got around to making it official, announcing Thursday that quarterback Peyton Manning will return for another NFL season. The real question now is: Is there a realistic chance that Manning’s 2015 season will end on a more upbeat note than his 2014 season did? Honestly, it’s probably a long shot. [Fancy Stats: Why Manning will regress in 2015] Manning was still a very good quarterback for much of the 2014 season. His return gives the Broncos a far better chance to remain a top AFC contender than they would have had if he’d retired and left the team with Brock Osweiler as its starter or searching for a replacement in a free agent market notably lacking in solutions for quarterback-needy franchises. His ninth career playoff one-and-done ended last season on a decidedly sour note, and that is the lens through which Manning’s 2014 performance is now viewed. But remember, he was a league most valuable player candidate through the season’s early stages. He finished the regular season with 4,727 passing yards, 39 touchdown passes and a passer rating of 101.5. He still was one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks. But his passing numbers went on a late-season downward spiral as Manning played with, depending on who you ask, one or two significant quadriceps injuries. A season that had a Super Bowl-or-bust feel to it for the Broncos went decidedly bust with the postseason defeat to Manning’s former team and his successor in Indianapolis, Andrew Luck. Broncos front office chief John Elway decided to make Head Coach John Fox pay the price for that with the coach’s job. Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase did not get the nod to inherit the job, as Elway instead turned to Gary Kubiak. Kubiak has deep ties to the Broncos and, as a former NFL quarterback, should be able to craft a good working relationship with Manning. Kubiak and his offensive coordinator, Rick Dennison, undoubtedly will make their offensive system as Manning-friendly as they possibly can. Elway probably will do all he can, once again, to put a championship-caliber team around Manning, after retooling the defense and adding wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders last offseason. But there are complications. The fact remains that Manning still must adapt to a new coach, new offensive coordinator and new system. And the fact remains that Elway faces some roster-building … – Click Here To Visit Article Source