BRAINTREE – It has stood empty and boarded up for the past three years at one of the town’s major gateways, but changes could be on the way for the former Motel 6 on Union Street, Mayor Charles Kokoros told the town council this week.

Kokoros said he spoke to the owners of the property Monday.

“They are working on putting a deal together,” he said.

The closed Motel 6 on Union Street, Braintree on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021.

The owners are aware of the town’s newly enacted Anti-Blight Ordinance, which provides for $300-per-day fines for commercial properties left with boarded-up windows. The town council approved the ordinance Nov. 3.

“It’s just an eyesore and not what we want Braintree to look like,” the mayor said of the former Motel 6.

Nov. 8: Braintree Town Council passes anti-blight law that would fine property owners $300 per day

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The motel closed for good in September 2018, more than a year after two police officers were shot trying to serve a warrant there.

Kokoros gave the council an update on his administration’s economic development efforts, such as last

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