Police officers in Ottawa, Ontario will be allowed to consume cannabis while off-duty once recreational marijuana is legalized later this month, according to a report from the CBC. The Ottawa Police Services Board adopted a new fit-for-service policy to govern cannabis-use by officers at its meeting on Monday.

Deputy Chief Steve Bell said that the policy is similar to the guidelines already in place for the use of other substances that may affect work performance.

“You can’t show up high. You can’t show up drunk. You can’t show up using prescription medications that are going to impact your ability to do your job,” Bell said.

Bell said the department had considered banning all use of cannabis by officers, but decided it could not prohibit a legal substance. Instead, the department has based its guidelines on the overall physical, emotional, and social condition of officers to determine fitness for duty.

“It’s not illegal and in that, we didn’t feel that we were in a good ground to say that we should prohibit our members from using it,” Bell said. “Instead we said you’ve got to come to work and be ready to do your job.”

Bell added that policies regarding the use of other

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