Budway, which calls itself a cannabis and wellness store and is located at 1024A Clark Drive in Vancouver, has lost big against fast-food giant Subway in a Federal Court ruling.

The pot shop was using Subway as the primary influence for its branding.

If you’ve ever driven by this dispensary, the Subway inspiration is immediately noticeable.

Budway lawsuit

Subway logo’s/CanLII

Budway's logo

Budway logo/CanLII

The Budway logo is based on a more recent iteration of the Subway logo, with minor alterations.

Prior to the court case, Subway’s attorney had reached out to Budway on several occasions, but never got a response.

According to the Federal Court ruling, the pot shop must stop “selling, distributing, advertising, or otherwise dealing in goods or services in association with the trademark or trade name BUDWAY.”

The court ruling also referred to the dispensary mascot, which they use on their Instagram page, “in the form of a submarine sandwich filled with cannabis leaves, with what are apparently bloodshot and half-opened eyes. This mascot appears in the video clip, smoking what is presumably a joint, with the legend ‘It’s the way,

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