She’s the Canadian Nigella Lawson apparently (Picture: Barcroft)She makes a mean hotpot.
Mary Jean Dunsdon, aka Watermelon, is a bit of a celeb in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada. She’s a model and a skilled cannabis chef, so unsurprisingly, she’s amassed quite a fan base.
And now the YouTube star, who sells her baked goods to ten legal marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver and has her own sweet shop, has brought her first cannabis cookbook to the market.
The Pot Pinup cookbook combines the 35-year-old’s love of baking with marijuana, with sexy pinup-style photos of her posing with her favourite weed. It’s sort of one part Nigella Lawson to two parts Eurotrash.
She loves to bake (Picture: Barcroft)The cannabis chef and activist already hosts her own online baking show with her elderly mum Mary Elizabeth called Baking A Fool Of Myself.
Although she started the show in 2002, she says it’s taken a long time for the rest of the world to catch up with her love of weed.
In her first cookbook, Watermelon shares her favourite recipes, including Swedish weedballs, marijuana-infused ice cream and baked burgers.
Watermelon poses in her corner shop, the Licorice Parlour in Vancouver – you can also snort cocoa there (Picture: Barcroft)She claims: ‘Marijuana is the new medicine, it’s the new recreation, it’s the new booze, marijuana is already a massive market.
‘Marijuana is the hero that’s coming to save the day.’
Watermelon has long been at the forefront of campaigns to legalise recreational marijuana in Vancouver, Canada, which has 61 medicinal marijuana dispensaries.
She says she’s now struggling to keep up with the demand for her baked goods and predicts the marijuana industry will go ‘super mainstream’ in coming years.
We think this is Little Miss Puff-it (Picture: Barcroft)The debate over the legalisation of marijuana continues in Canada. While public opinion towards the drug appears to be softening, a recent Health Canada anti-drug ad campaign claimed its use could lower IQ and impair concentration.
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