How the Nuggets complete lack of home court advantage has been the biggest disappointment of the Brian Shaw era, and how that must change immediately for the Nuggets future to be salvaged. Nuggets face the Pelicans tonight.
I’m going to forgo the usual preview chart tonight for a special comment on the Nuggets at home, the tragic loss of a once titanic home court advantage. The Pelicans come into town fighting for the 8th playoff spot in the West. The Nuggets have played them twice already, so you are very much familiar with their makeup by now. Nuggets beat the Pelicans in January shortly before a moment which shook the franchise and laid bare the fundamental issues at the core of this team. The teams play at 6pm this evening (mountain time) and the game will be on Altitude TV/AM 950.
The Pelicans are a half game out of the 8th playoff spot in the West!! That’s pretty amazing in such a competitive conference. Anthony Davis is currently out injured, however and that has made the Pelicans journey much more difficult.

The Nuggets beat the Pelicans in New Orleans on January 29th. A day later they played the Memphis Grizzlies in Memphis and got crushed. It was the teams 8th game in 11 nights and it was one of those inevitable “schedule losses” that everyone in the NBA talks about. After the game Brian Shaw ripped the team, and admitted that he hadn’t spoken to them after the game. The Nuggets players were clearly upset, and their play the subsequent home game against the Charlotte Hornets reflected how upset they were at their coach.
The Nuggets have lost 9 games in a row at home. NINE. Nuggets are dangerously close to tying their longest losing streak at home ever, which was during the Dick Motta interim coaching stint with the Nuggets in 1996-97. That streak was 11 games. Nuggets are at and embarassing 12-17 at home. Should it really be like that?
It’s hard to imagine the Denver Nuggets so thoroughly losing their home court advantage. It’s unforgivable. While Chris Dempsey has an … – Click Here To Visit Article Source