Protesters in Denver paste stickers and dump paint on police memorial on Feb. 14, 2015. (Anna Gauldin, The Denver Post)Protesters gather near the Denver jail on Feb. 14, 2015. (Anna Gauldin, The Denver Post) Protesters dumped red paint on a memorial honoring more than 70 fallen police officers Saturday afternoon. They also plastered stickers on the memorial and nearby pillars.”Some of these people were my friends,” Denver police Cmdr. Matt Murray said, gesturing to the memorial. “This is disrespectful and I don’t think it displays the values of this community. We’re extremely disappointed.”Police said two males were arrested for criminal mischief after the protest ended. Firefighters assisted in quickly cleaning the memorial.Between 100 and 150 people marched along West Colfax Avenue from Mariposa Street, arriving at police headquarters, 1331 Cherokee St., around 4 p.m.Some of the protesters held signs in support of Jessica Hernandez, a 17-year-old who was fatally shot by police last month while she was driving a stolen car toward officers. Others carried signs with the message, “Free Sharod,” referencing a 23-year-old man shot by a Denver police officer last month during a traffic stop. “We demand justice for Ryan (Ronquillo). We demand justice for Jessie. We demand justice for Carlos (Jurado). We demand justice for Sharod (Kindell) and Joel (Jurado). We demand justice for every single person who has been killed, maimed, kidnapped, and wounded by Denver police,” the protesters said in a flier. As they marched, the protesters chanted about justice and police brutality. A group of men described by marchers as “security” kept the protesters in a tight group and directed them along the route. Each wore a mask made of black bandanas printed with AK-47s on them.At several points, people in apartments and buildings along the route came outside and joined in the cheers. Police cars blocked off roads surrounding the route, preventing traffic from interfering with the march.”It’s important for the public to realize that we’re out there protecting these people protesting against us,” Murray said. “But we’re looking for legal and peaceful protests.” – Click Here To Visit Article Source