In the past week, Canadians in every province across the country have celebrated the historic change in law and culture. They’ve waited patiently for their dank deliveries. Then, they unwrapped layers of excessive, mandatory packaging. The old and the young—as long as they were of legal drinking age in some of the provinces, age 18—could join the bud bandwagon. But in the province of Quebec, the laws regarding legal age of cannabis consumption will soon change to 21. Though three years older than the legal drinking age, provincial leaders argue the change will serve its youth. And they base their argument on recent research claiming issues in development for adolescents that use the newly legal drug.

A Change of Tune

Finding cannabis in Canada still requires a little effort. Each province maintains their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to the Cannabis Act. Growing cannabis in one province may be okay, for instance. But in Quebec, the cultivation of home-grown bud will soon not be allowed. This law will stand despite the federal government’s decision to allow up to 4 plants of home-grown cannabis.  Reasonably, many Canadians have vocalized their complaints surrounding the strictness of some of these laws. But

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