Many comedians have worked cannabis into their professional personas—some even make it their entire persona—but few have incorporated it as flawlessly as Rachel Wolfson. While she’s hilarious and not above using the leafy green goodness as a punch line, cannabis also goes much deeper with her. But it wasn’t always this way. 

“I was first really introduced to weed when I was 19, because growing up with such a strict family—my parents were politicians and defense attorneys—they used all these scare tactics and said I would literally die if I smoked weed,” Wolfson said. “Then I was living in Vermont, in college, and a boyfriend of mine literally laughed when I told him that. Then I started to realize like, ‘Okay, pretty much everyone knows that no one has ever died from smoking weed.’” 

Still, even after wrapping her mind around that realization, there was still subconscious fear and shame around using cannabis. But even that began to lift, as Wolfson researched NORML and cannabis advocacy and realized how much good work there was to do. Now she also uses cannabis for medical purposes in lieu of taking multiple pharmaceuticals. To this day, she is open and honest about using cannabis to

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