Recreational Marijuana in Colorado

Recreational Marijuana in Colorado is now legal. Medical MMJ has been in place for a bit. Prior to legalized marijuana, Colorado was not short on the list of amazing things to see and do. It seems like the only thing talked about when CO comes up now is about legal weed, the Denver Daze, smoking, edibles, and marijuana in general. There was so much great stuff to Facebook about Colorado before, however now there’s a legal medical and recreational marijuana party to go with along with it. To name a few, the Rocky Mountains are a magnificent scenic wonderland that can bring out the Rocky Mountain high without smoking. The legend John Denver was not kidding when he sang classic songs about the beauty and wonder of these giants. Red Rocks Amphitheater is a rock structure near Morrison, Colorado, 10 miles west of Denver. This natural amphitheater plays host to a variety concert tours throughout the year including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wide Spread Panic, and Snoop Dog, who hosts Snoop’s Wellness Retreat. The unbelievable landscape that changes with the sun is an unforgettable place to see a concert or just go. Colorado State also possesses some top notch ski resorts up in towns like Breckenridge, Aspen, Copper Mountain, and Wolf Creek. These accommodate, some better than others, the entire range of skiers, from beginner through advanced to straight up extreme world class skiers and snowboarders.

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Legal Weed in Colorado – History

Legal weed in America is being pioneered by the Great State of Colorado. The people of Colorado passed Amendment 20 in November 2000, establishing the Medical Marijuana Registry and have fought ever since in the battle for a plant that has vast medicinal purposes along with some healing properties on the just for fun side. After a rocky road for years on November 6th, 2012, Colorado became the first state in the world to vote in favor of ending marijuana prohibition by passing Amendment 64. This legalized cannabis throughout the state. Some medical marijuana dispensaries were already established, however this allowed marijuana businesses to flourish into a legitimate statewide industry and opened the door for recreational marijuana to become legalized by the state and open for business as of January 1, 2014. Since then the national spotlight has been on CO. The revenue numbers are large, the crime rate here is down, and other than some hefty taxes, everybody seems happy. Obviously there is something special about this state and if you live here you know it.

It seems the daze is catchy. Polls and actions are showing the majority of the people in the United States support legal cannabis for medical and recreational use. This support is becoming a reality with about half the states passing marijuana laws to different degrees, most are still inactive and several others loading the chamber and pointing at the ballot. Today, citizens are witnessing doctors prescribing medicinal cannabis as a treatment for issues such as sleeping disorders, aches and pains, and eating conditions related to other medical treatments like chemotherapy. This is happening without the mention of this medicine as healthier natural alternative to the rampant prescribed pill epidemic that has gripped this country. The list of medical conditions mild, severe, and terminal that can be treated with medical cannabis is steadily growing.

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