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As a Rockies fan, it is definitely time to panic because it looks like BB (Bud Black) and JB (Jeff Bridich) have their heads tucked away in a dark place while an inept offense wastes valuable, winnable games handed to them on a platter by their hard-working pitching staff.

Is JB’s goal to “still be in it in September” so they can sell tickets when the Broncos usually steal away their beer and dog money or is it to win the NL West?

Is BB’s goal to win games or is it to not step on a “gutsy” veteran’s toes by doing the right thing and pinch hitting for him when everybody on the freaking planet knows he will either whiff or hit a rollover grounder in a game critical at bat?

There is no doubt at this point that Noel Cuevas and David Dahl in the lineup give the Rockies a much better chance of winning than Ian Desmond and Gerardo Parra, which just happen to be JB’s two biggest mistakes as a GM.

For the Rockies to win, he needs to put those mistakes behind him and figure out a way to let Black play the best players in the organization. As a start that means DFA Parra and bench Desmond.

What do you think?
— Philip, Denver

Philip, you obviously penned your question/rant before Parra hit a three-run homer to help the Rockies beat the Padres Monday night.

I understand the dissatisfaction regarding Desmond, but I think Parra is an important part of this team. With Carlos Gonzalez still struggling and Dahl still trying to figure out

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