ENGLEWOOD, Colo. –One of the projects I am very excited about for 2015 is a series of columns I am going to start shortly focusing on the most historically significant games in Denver Broncos history. These columns certainly will not take the place of the very exciting daily pieces, both print and video, which make the team website one of the National Football League’s most readable and entertaining. But as I look at things from the perspective of time – having seen 886 games in person, I have watched a lot of time go by – what I see is the rich tapestry of history which the Broncos’ franchise and Broncos Country share. This piece is meant as a preamble to the series that will begin later this week, and will feature one or two columns every week, each one singling out a historical moment in team history that took place between the white lines. At first blush, one thinks you already have all the historical moments committed to memory. But really, what we all have is a series of “Oh, yeah, I remember that,” or, “Wow, I sort of forgot all about that.” I started at the very beginning and have about 150 games on the list so far. That is a lot of football games, and each one is a special moment in time unto itself. One of the special things about “historical significance” is that if it really exists, and it does, then it does not matter how many other moments get added on. The historic moment is always a stand-alone time. No matter how many times we wear a cap and gown, they all count, right? It’s the same thing with games, but some more than others. Just about every season in Broncos history has games of historical significance, but believe it or not, not all of them will be represented. Some years have several, even a number of games, and a couple of years actually have significance to almost every game. But there have been some dry spells as well. When I write and you read (those of you kind enough and interested enough to check in and read them), do not think in terms of the top five games, or top ten games of all time in Broncos history. That is really easy to do, but it is not the point. We all can rattle off the two … – Click Here To Visit Article Source