NEW YORK CITY — The first day of All-Star Weekend is mostly a madhouse, more this year than previous years, when it might have been more difficult — or less desirable — for media from around the world to travel to New Orleans, Houston and Orlando.
On the Friday morning of All-Star Weekend, each All-Star is annually scheduled to be available for interviews for 45 minutes, and it seems every reporter that can afford the airfare and a microphone showed up this year. Some are here for serious business. Some just want to be clowns.
In a hot and crowded ballroom inside a Manhattan hotel, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant experienced both.
Westbrook is particularly fascinating in this setting. He’s more laid back and comfortable and seems to enjoy the media scrum more than he does when the competitive juices are flowing during the season. International reporters in this setting also have a tendency to ask certain questions that American journalists either feel would be frowned upon or understand is taboo. Those moments can lead to entertaining and sometimes even surprisingly insightful exchanges.
Here’s the best from Westbrook and Durant today at media day.
* Durant was asked for a list of candidates to play him one-on-one for his All-Star spot and attempted to clear up his earlier statement. “That was more so a joke,” Durant said. “I’m not sure if you guys have a sense of humor. Whoever.”
* Westbrook on how stylish he will be this weekend: “I mean, I always strut around. You know, that’s what I do. So you’ll probably see me in a few different things.”
* I found it funny that fashion is clearly the go-to topic now for reporters while interviewing Westbrook. It’s almost like they think being the 500th person to ask him about fashion is going to soften him up and solicit a good answer.
* I also found it interesting that the one topic Westbrook and Durant don’t play around with (as you’ll see below) is their off-the-court partnerships with sponsors. They straighten up and fly right when it’s time to be … – Click Here To Visit Article Source