Henri Neuendorf,
Thursday, March 26, 2015
An entry from finalist Mistie AllenPhoto: Mistie Allen via Natural Cannabis Co.
The finalists for the second annual High Art Challenge have been revealed, SFGate reports.
Hosted by the art and culture magazine Juxtapoz, the competition searches for designs to grace the packaging of three different product lines of the Bay Area-based marijuana dispensary, Natural Cannabis Company.
According to the Natural Cannabis Company’s website, the themes of shapes, patterns, doodles, sacred geometry, time, and numbers have been selected for the 2015 edition. Each entry must include “three separate, yet integrated works of art for Natural Cannabis Co. cannabis packaging.”
A preliminary online vote has already whittled down the entries to thirty finalists. A panel of experts consisting of David Downs, editor-in-chief of the Smell The Truth cannabis blog; Evan Pricco, editor-in-chief of Juxtapoz magazine; Master Bong of masterbong420.com; Mz. Jil of TGA Genetics, and Mike Salter, advertising director of Juxtapoz magazine, will select the first, second, and third prize winners.
The finalists’ designs consist a range of figurative and abstract images featuring bright, colorful, and psychedelic imagery.
This year’s competition has attracted hundreds of entries from artists hoping to land a packaging contract, a $5,000 cash prize and a MacBook Pro. The second place winner can look forward to$2,500 cash and a MacBook Pro, and the third place winner will get $1,500 cash.
Check out the art of all the finalists on the Natural Cannabis Company’s website.

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