South Dakota turned heads last year around election time by first legalizing both recreational and medical cannabis, then immediately facing backlash over the decision to legalize. Now, litigation is officially underway to try and put a stop to recreational cannabis becoming a reality, and Republican Governor Kristi Noem is backing the opposition, something which she did not admit to until just recently. 

Using her power as governor, Noem is facilitating litigation that aims to overthrow voter approval of Constitutional Amendment A, the amendment that was officially passed to make adult use cannabis legal in South Dakota. The measure passed at 54 percent of voters backing legal cannabis, a small margin, but still definitely a win. 

Last week, on Friday, Kristi Noem issued an executive order that claims the petitioners against the legislation, which in this case is two police officers who are challenging the legality of this new amendment passing, are acting upon her instruction. “I directed [petitioners] to commence the Amendment A litigation on my behalf,” she states in the official order.

The law enforcement officers are claiming that the amendment is unconstitutional and that adding the new amendment would be breaking the rules of South Dakota’s constitution, and

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