DENVER (CBS4) – The 53rd annual St. Patrick’s Day parade took place Saturday in the Mile High City with 350,000 spectators lining the streets of downtown Denver.
On a beautiful spring day it wasn’t difficult to find a reason to get out and enjoy a parade. For 7-year-old Alex, this year’s Little Mr. Shamrock, the parade had a special meaning.
Alex, 7, this year’s Little Mr. Shamrock (credit: CBS)
“I got to see my grandpa play the bagpipes,” Alex said.
It came down to what it does each year — bagpipes, beer, dancers, shamrock green and family.
Amongst the crowd for many years now have been John and Mark Haney. They are two of four brothers who have worked for the Denver Police Department. Each year the four brothers have worked the parade, serving and honoring their Irish heritage together. Recently two of the brothers retired from the force, but that couldn’t keep Mark and John away.
John and Mark Haney (credit: CBS)
“I enjoy just the people in general, because there are a lot of good people down here,” Detective Mark Haney said. “And they’re not all Irish.”
“It’s always a happy celebration. It’s not like it’s difficult. It’s not like working a Bronco game — everybody’s happy here,” Detective John Haney said.
PHOTO GALLERY: St. Patrick’s Day Parade
The Haney’s weren’t the only ones serving during the parade. When a replica of a 1964 patrol car from the Denver Police Museum had a little trouble along the parade route, the Foothills Young Marines were called in to give it a push.
(credit: CBS)
“A little overheated, but I got some help from the Marines,” said Mike Hence, Vice President of the Denver Police Museum. “So it doesn’t get any better than that.”
The Denver event is the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade west of the Mississippi.

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