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STURGIS — Sturgis and Meade County have closed applications for medical marijuana dispensary licenses.

Sturgis received 18 applications for two dispensary licenses and Meade County received just one application for its lone dispensary license.

Each of the city applicants had to pay a $7,500 application fee. The two applicants not chosen for a license will have their application fee refunded.

Sturgis City Manager Daniel Ainslie said that in addition to the two dispensary licenses, there are unlimited licenses for cannabis manufacturing and testing.

The deadline for all city submissions was 6 p.m., Tuesday.

The city of Sturgis had 18 applications for six locations. Two of those locations submitted multiple applications to increase their odds of being drawn in the lottery.

The applicants and their addresses include:

S&A Legal Roots, 1120 Main St.

Royal Flush, 1030 Main St.

Northern Hills Alternative Health, 2715 Lazelle St.

Puffy’s LLC, 1337 Main St., (10 applications,)

Fjelstad Professional Services, 1020 Junction Ave.

Deja VU South Dakota LLC, True Essence LLC, Vibes LLC, Nirvana SD LLC., 1102 Junction Ave.  

Because more than two dispensary license applications were

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