Denise Gomez leaves flowers at the Denver police fallen officer memorial Wednesday morning, February 18, 2015. (Joe Amon, The Denver Post)Watch DPTV for today’s top headlines with Molly Hughes
In the wake of weekend vandalism at the Denver police fallen officer memorial, law enforcement supporters have been leaving flowers at the site as part of a day-long show of solidarity planned for Wednesday. As of early Wednesday morning, the memorial outside the police department’s headquarters was covered in carnations. One supporter left a sign reading “We love DPD.””When I heard about this yesterday it occurred to me that this was the same as (vandalizing) our Vietnam Memorial in D.C.,” Tim Hall said.Hall, who said he is a veteran, came and left flowers at the memorial. “It strikes deeply,” he said. “It cannot happen again.”The show of support was publicized on Tuesday by the National Fraternal Order of Police and on a Facebook page. Police said Wednesday morning they have been receiving cards expressing support, which they plan to display in a binder at the memorial.”When they signed up for this job they didn’t think they were going to have to deal with crap like this,” Judy Richoz, a police supporter, said of the vandalism.The King Soopers on the 1100 block of Speer Boulevard is selling a special blue and white flower bouquet for supporters. Roxy Barbos, who works in the store’s floral department, says they have sold a “couple thousand” of the arrangements.”Our phone has been ringing off the hook,” she said.Many people have been calling in from areas outside Denver paying for the bouquets to be delivered to the memorial site. Protesters dumped red paint on the memorial — which honors more than 70 fallen police officers — on Saturday afternoon, also plastering stickers on the site and nearby pillars.”Some of these people were my friends,” police Cmdr. Matt Murray said after the protest, gesturing to the memorial. “This is disrespectful, and I don’t think it displays the values of this community. We’re extremely disappointed.” Firefighters assisted in quickly cleaning the memorial.Police arrested two … – Click Here To Visit Article Source