“This change is important to SWADE because we always want to be viewed as a leader not just in the cannabis space, but in the business world as well,” Haddox continued.

“To me, how we treat our employees will always be a number one priority, and how we treat our employees should translate into the overall customer and patient experience in the store.”


To accomplish this goal, full-time employees of SWADE will receive a pay bump, with the company raising starting wages for full-time employees from $15 to $18.75, ensuring that even with reduced hours, employees are still bringing home the same amount per pay period. Additionally, SWADE will continue to offer industry-leading benefits for hourly staff, the company offers full medical, dental, and vision premiums paid, as well as a 401k match program, and an employee discount for those with their medical marijuana card.

For the company’s part, Haddox sees the scenario as a win-win, there will be no change to hours of operation, no impact on the amount of staff to serve patients, and a higher overall level of employee satisfaction.

“We expect to see savings on decreased employee turnover, employee training costs, and fewer sick days taken.”

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