Dan Ambrosino, CEO for Terrabis, has something to say about patient care and cannabis. “We believe what differentiates Terrabis from other dispensaries is our individualized approach toward patients’ journeys. And while every patient is unique, there are some citizens who are frequently overlooked or marginalized. For example, many veterans face physical and mental challenges with an estimated 22 committing suicide daily. Inspired by the Veterans Initiative 22, Terrabis is offering a running 22% discount on all products for our veterans – every day. They can count on receiving the respect and care they deserve while knowing that access to alternative medicine is unfettered and affordable to them.”

Ambrosino added, “Hazelwood as a community has a great history dating back to Ford and McDonnell Douglas – but investing in the community today is just as great if not more given our collective struggles. Bottom line is, we value the patients we care for, the people we work with, and the communities we serve, and the intersection of all of these things is what motivates us in our continued outreach – especially when it comes to some of the more underserved or stigmatized citizens.”

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