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This holiday season, gift-giving will present a myriad of challenges. With folks stuck at home for more than a year, they may have mail-ordered just about everything they’d want. Or the presents you’d like to buy are just about impossible to get with global supply chain issues. And of course, there is the age-old problem of presents for the person who really needs nothing.

Theory Wellness, an award-winning medical and recreational cannabis dispensary, has some thoughts about cannabis gifting this holiday season. With locations in Massachusetts and Maine, it is a perfect example of a local retailer that offers products that they create through their vertically integrated operations (as they call it, “seed to sale”). From cultivation to retail, local labor and production make shopping for cannabis an easy task.

As one of the first licensed recreational outdoor cultivators on the East Coast, the products are grown on a 30-year-old organic farm, or in a state-of-the-art production facility so quality will never be an issue.

“We have a deep passion for cannabis and the role it plays in improving people’s lives. We cultivate cannabis outdoors in Sheffield,

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