CANNABIS CULTURE – Cannabis is legal for recreational use in nine states, and is legal for medicinal use in another thirty states. In every other state, it is illegal. Now that it has some legal standing, there are going to be those who realize the monetary potential behind it, and may want to get a headstart from everyone else by patenting cannabis. Following are details of what a patent is, how they apply to cannabis, and what some complications behind patenting cannabis are.Paten

What are patents?

Patents give the right to exclude others from making, using, selling, and importing an invention for a period of time, providing protection for the inventor. The requirements to obtain a patent are that the invention must be new and useful, non-obvious, novel, and must not already exist in nature. The details of the invention also must not have been revealed to the public, because the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) may may deny the patent, because then the information is considered public knowledge.

Types of patents for Cannabis

There are three types of patents: design, utility, and plant. In regards to cannabis, only utility and plant patents are applicable. Utility patents covers the

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