In a file photo, Patrick Machacek cross country skis across City Park on February 16, 2014. (AAron Ontiveroz, The Denver Post)
First of all, and read this carefully: Do not use the word “snowpocalypse” or any variation of it to describe the snowstorm. This is a storm, and it’s gonna be fine. Need a hashtag? #cowx. It’s Colorado weather.
Now then.
Here’s what you’re going to need:

Your ice scraper/snow brush. Take it out of your car and put it in your house overnight, so you don’t have to dig your car out to dig your car out.
Stout. You’re gonna need some stout. Take your growler — you have one, right? — to a local brewery and fill ‘er up. Couple of quick recommendations: Yeti Imperial Stout, Great Divide Brewing Co.; Hammer & Sickle Russian Imperial Stout, Renegade Brewing; or anything they’ll let you take home at the Vine Street Pub, which is currently celebrating, yes, Stout Month. Can’t go wrong there.
Burritos & chile. A quick staff poll has resulted in yet more options: 12 Good Times breakfast burritos; a bunch of frozen burritos from the grocery store; or, you know, make your own breakfast burritos or a big ol’ batch of burritos for the whole weekend. Chile recipes: Chick-Chick Chile, Kickin’ Green Chile from Sam’s No. 3, Denver Fire Department’s Gameday Chile,

Movies. OK, yes, you can stream everything. But come on. This is a weekend in we’re talking about. Commit! Get some movies at a rental place or a store. You know, you can actually get a couple of Oscar nominees on DVD and Blu-ray already. Off the top of our heads, “Grand Budapest Hotel,” “Boyhood,” “The Theory of Everything,” and “Birdman.” Other movies with various nominations that you can find on a shelf on your way home from work today: “Gone Girl” and “Nightcrawler.” (Yeeees, fine, you can stream those, too. You’ll still have to pay, though. Check Google Play, iTunes and YouTube.)
Or something to binge-watch. “House of Cards” S3 doesn’t drop for another week, so … – Click Here To Visit Article Source