Launched as a major effort of Gov. John Hickenlooper to find solutions to the difficult problems facing the state, TBD Colorado has slipped into oblivion. (Denver Post file photo) Jan. 22 marked the apparent formal demise of Gov. John Hickenlooper’s TBD Colorado. Without the fanfare of its launch, TBD Colorado was officially dissolved as a Colorado nonprofit. The website boldly proclaims it is “offline.” Launched as a major effort of the governor to find solutions to the difficult problems facing the state, the effort has slipped into oblivion.On the surface, the endeavor was an unqualified success. More than $1.2 million were raised from over 30 individuals and foundations. Greater than 1,000 individuals from many parts of the state came together to learn about and wrestle with the issues facing the state and to find potential solutions. The conversations in person and online engaged citizens in an unprecedented way.Ultimately, though, little new emerged from the discussions. The final report itself was an echo of the original briefing papers that were given to participants and few concrete ideas were put into action.Much, however, can be learned from the effort itself. First, this and other statewide dialogues like those hosted by Colorado’s Future , the University of Denver’s Strategic Issue’s Forum, and even the Colorado Water Basin Roundtables have shown that individuals can come to a general consensus on the issues if given the facts and the time to consider those facts thoughtfully through the lens of our many shared values. Secondly, if the process is housed, whether officially or not, in a political entity it is doomed for failure. TBD was managed quietly from the governor’s office and was never able to garner the full independence necessary to allow citizens to dialogue unfettered from the politics that can so taint our ability to act effectively.Colorado is a state rightly proud of its focus on local control and the ability of communities to decide their own future. Consensus will never be reached in efforts that start and are primarily housed in metro Denver. Thankfully the local leadership and infrastructure exists to host and manage … – Click Here To Visit Article Source