Kyle Posey has found a way that the underdog San Diego Chargers can pull out an upset win over the Denver Broncos tonight, they just need to be creative and aggressive.

The Denver Broncos are a very good football team. That might even be selling them short.

Through week 7, they’re the 6th best team of all time per DVOA. It’s not just their offense — which is #1 in DVOA —their defense has been lights–out as well sitting comfortably at #2 in the DVOA rankings. As good as Denver has played, they’ve showed that they can be stopped on offense and exploited on defense. Let’s start with what the Chargers have to do when they’re on defense.

Take away Something

Two teams this year have had success against the Broncos’ high–powered offense. The Seahawks were able to slow them down for nearly three–and–a–half quarters while the Jets were able to slow them down for nearly an entire half.

Both teams had complete opposite game plans, so there’s no true “blueprint.”

The blueprint is to get off the field on 3rd down. If you combine the Jets 1st half defense with the Seahawks defense all game the Broncos were 7-22 on 3rd down. New York chose to take away the pass while Seattle loaded up the box with 8 defenders and took away the run.


Loading the box like this led to Denver rushing for 36 yards on 20 attempts. That’s incredible, but that’s what a defense has to do. They have to take away something and force a secondary weapon to beat them.

Seattle got physical with the Broncos receivers, took away their screen passes, which in turn limited Demaryius Thomas. Their “other” receiver, Emmanuel Sanders, had a big game, but that’s what good defenses do, they don’t …read more