In this multipart series, we debunk various incorrect ideas, impressions and rumors we continue to hear about the Mexico cannabis industry and the road to legalization. Here are Part 1 and Part 2. Are you getting something wrong about cannabis in Mexico? Keep reading!

Legalization is only about allowing people to grow/smoke weed.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Legalization is about creating a full-fledged industry that will span everything from industrial hemp to medical cannabis to adult use. It is meant to regulate every link in the cannabis production and distribution chains so as to ensure quality and traceability of the products consumers will have access to– whether for medical, industrial or adult purposes. Much of this misconception is due to media coverage that, until VERY recently, has associated legalization with those who advocate for adult use without restrictions. Granted, adult use activists have been very vocal about their rights, but they are just a fraction of those pushing for the development of an industry for both domestic and international participants.

Legalization will corrupt youth.

This is a misconception commonly associated with the Mexican Catholic Church, which perhaps understandably still exerts strong influence in a predominantly Roman Catholic

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