The Colorado Rockies have indicated in recent days that they are willing to listen to trade offers for Carlos Gonzalez and/or Troy Tulowitzki. It’s not going to be as simple as it sounds and there are number of hurdles that will make it difficult for any trade to happen.

The biggest problem is the injury history of Gonzalez and Tulowitzki and the salary remaining on their contracts. If they were healthy and coming off of great seasons, then teams would be lining up to make offers. However those same teams are now going to be wary of them because of those injuries.

Let’s start with Tulowitzki. When he’s healthy, Tulowitzki is a top five player in the game. The problem is he’s been hurt a lot and is not coming off of major hip surgery. There are some who believe he won’t even be ready for spring training and the hip could be a chronic problem going forward.

The other issue with Tulowitzki is he is no longer a young player, he’s 30 with an injury history and a huge contract. There will be contenders who are interested in the shortstop but the Rockies are probably going to have to eat a good portion of his salary to make any deal happen.

Gonzalez has less of an injury history but is coming off of a season where his finger was never right. The belief is that the surgery fixed the problem but there are no guarantees once he starts swinging the bat again.

When Gonzalez did play in 2014, he was awful. Opposing pitchers have found and exposed a big hole in his swing. Now maybe he can make his own adjustment and be more patient at the plate, but teams will use that to drive down his trade value.

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