Leaving a campfire unattended in a forested or grassland area can now elicit a $750 fine and a maximum sentence of 6 months imprisonment per a new Colorado law, one of a handful that went into effect July 1.

The new law states: “Any person who starts or maintains a campfire commits the offense of leaving a campfire unattended if he or she knowingly or recklessly:

Fails to reasonably attend the campfire at all times; or Fails to thoroughly extinguish the campfire before leaving the site.”

People who leave them unattended anywhere else in the state can be fined up to $50.

The bill comes as wildfires continue to burn throughout the state, the largest being the Spring Fire, which began June 27 and is located just east of Fort Garland.

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Other laws that went into effect today include:

Colorado’s fiscal budget for 2018-19 is also in effect.

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