DENVER — A Project Veritas undercover video released Wednesday shows pro-Democrat field workers in Colorado discussing ways to commit voter fraud under the state’s new all-mail election system.

Project Veritas Action founder James O’Keefe is shown having discussions with staffers from Work for Progress, Greenpeace and a Democratic state legislative campaign about pilfering mail-in ballots from trash cans or double-registering with another state.

Critics countered that the video doesn’t show anyone actually engaging in voter fraud and accused Mr. O’Keefe heavily baiting his targets into making incriminating statements.

At one point in the nearly eight-minute video, the 30-year-old Mr. O’Keefe, wearing a disguise to make him look older, tells Work for Progress state director Meredith Hicks that they should use discarded ballots to vote.

“I mean, they cheat and lie and steal all the time. They do,” Mr. O’Keefe tells Ms. Hicks in the undercover video.

She replies: “I mean, that’s not even lying or stealing. If someone throws out a ballot, if you want to fill it out, you should do it. It doesn’t have anyone’s name on it yet.”

Work for Progress, which is providing field troops to help re-elect Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, did not immediately return a phone call asking for comment. Mr. Udall is locked in a tough re-election battle with Republican Rep. Cory Gardner.

On Twitter, David Corn, a liberal columnist and Mother Jones editor, accused Mr. O’Keefe of selective editing, saying, “James, where’s the video of the Democratic staffers who said what you and your crew proposed to do would be wrong?”

The video also shows a Greenpeace staffer recommends searching for discarded ballots in apartment buildings in north Aurora, which she calls “ghetto Aurora.”

“South [Aurora] is like Yuppieville,” she says. “But north Aurora is a lot of …read more