Even after being warned by the ACLU against illegal detentions, a Southern Florida sheriff’s office attempted to deport a Black man who was born in Philadelphia to Jamaica. Peter Brown was detained in April by the Monroe County sheriff for a parole violation in a case related to a marijuana offense. He was in jail by ICE’s request for weeks before law enforcement officials admitted their grave mistake.

“I would never have expected in a million years that this was going to happen, and I can tell you it’s not a good feeling,” Brown said in a video made by the ACLU. “There has to be a stop at some point, before it becomes all of us.”

He is now bringing a lawsuit against Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay, aided by the civil rights organization. Brown claims that the sheriff’s office even refused to review a copy of his birth certificate that he managed to have a friend bring to law enforcement’s attention.

How did this even happen?

The details of the case are shocking. Brown, a 50-year-old restaurant worker who lives in the Florida Keys, turned himself in on April 5 after failing a marijuana test while on probation

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