It’s not very often that you are tasked with defining the vision and trajectory for a new company, especially when your business has the potential to influence hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals by selling a product that is notoriously discriminated against, in an industry that seems nearly impossible to enter. 

But when Daniel “Danny” Wise set out to build a chain of cannabis dispensaries in California, he had to do exactly that.  

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Danny had to visualize what it meant to break down decades of barriers. He had to imagine what the look, feel, and ultimately the brand would encompass for his chain of retail stores. When he started this journey, he began with a single emotion he wanted to evoke: happiness. 

He wanted to create a customer experience that welcomed people of all ages, genders and ethnicities into the dispensary. It was also important that his concept be unique and compel new customers to feel comfortable enough to shop at his stores. It had to be different than the old “trap” shops in the state that sold cannabis in the gray area of Proposition 64. Then, after months of brainstorming dozens of concepts, one evening, it came to him:

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