New Standard, a modern start-up dispensary, opened its doors in Ann Arbor early this month on North Main Street. With eight locations in Michigan and two more expected to open in the near future, the dispensary is expanding rapidly. 

Howard Luckoff, founder and CEO of New Standard, said the business strives to provide customers with a user-friendly experience in its stores.The Ann Arbor dispensary is located in a two-floor, 100-year-old house. 

“What I want to put in the stores is a good culture and a good experience for the consumer because if you don’t know cannabis, it’s overwhelming,” Luckoff said. “If you know a lot about cannabis or you know nothing about cannabis, you can come into our stores, and we’re there to educate you. We’re not there to sell.”

Since the legalization of cannabis in Michigan in 2018, Ann Arbor has become a hub for dispensaries and cannabis-centered businesses in the state. New Standard is the eighth dispensary to open in the city in recent years. 

Coleman LaBarr, general manager at New Standard’s Ann Arbor location, said one of the dispensary’s main focuses is to educate people about  cannabis culture and the industry.

“We are trying to set the

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