Weed Maps of Colorado

Weed maps of Colorado on the Denver Daze? Where’s weed in Denver? Everywhere. The Denver Daze makes finding medical and recreational marijuana easy. Our weed maps have been scrubbed to avoid sending you to bunk dispensaries. All the med and recreational dispensaries on our Colorado weed maps have been contacted by email, phone, or visited to check out the establishments and make sure they’re active. We’re constantly adding and subtracting sites as the marijuana industry changes in Denver and throughout Colorado. The Daze-Off discounts club, a members only special buyers program has been launched to bring savings to THC enthusiasts.

Recreational Marijuana in Colorado

Recreational Marijuana in Colorado as well as medical marijuana are on fire. The byproduct of legal weed in Colorado is Marijuana tourism. To support this phenomenon, marijuana friendly hotels, vacation rentals, cannabis tours, activities and more have sprouted up in Denver and throughout Colorado. Recreational dispensaries and medical dispensaries are flourishing in Colorado along with the marijuana tourism industry. The Denver Daze has added these categories to help the THC Tourist have a care free experience without the worries of not knowing what’s out there. We will continually update these establishments as we grow, as this movement does throughout the country. So when it’s time to get blazed and dazed, find the best buds and supporting cast on the weed maps of the Denver Daze.

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