Salaries for interior offensive linemen (guards and centers) were once cheaper than those of left tackles, but that is starting to change. And that could have implications when it’s time for the Denver Broncos to consider a contract extension for at least one current interior lineman.

In my previous article about offensive tackle salaries, I noted that left tackle tended to get the largest contracts, though in recent seasons, a few right tackles are getting greater compensation. When it comes to guards and centers, though, more of them are getting paid salaries closer to that of the top left tackles.

Here are the top 10 average-per-year salaries for offensive guards.

Zack Martin – $14M Andrew Norwell – $13.3M Kevin Zeitler – $12M Kelechi Osemele – $11.7M Trai Turner – $11.25M Gabe Jackson – $11M David DeCastro – $10M Kyle Long – $10M Joel Bitonio – $10M T.J. Lang – $9.5M

You will notice that nine guards are averaging at least $10M per year and that the bulk of them signed their extensions in recent seasons. It’s also worth noting that Broncos offensive guard Ronald Leary isn’t far from the top-10 in APY salary at $9M.

So the Broncos, despite John Elway looking for value, haven’t been able to escape committing more dollars to an interior offensive lineman. Is Leary worth that salary?

I would say he proved his worth, given that he played well overall before injuries cut his season short. The question that remains is who will fill the other guard spot — and in most cases, that lineman will be paid considerably less.

Menelik Watson is a candidate for the second guard spot, but he wouldn’t be a cheap option at $6.125M APY salary (and, as I’ve already covered, it turned out to be a bad contract). But

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