When the World Series finally gets underway tomorrow, the teams will be throwing their aces into the fray. James Shields will go for the Royals and Madison Bumgarner for the Giants. Easy decisions. If the Rockies had somehow — miraculously — reached the playoffs this year, their game one starter would also be an easy decision: Jorge De La Rosa. Game two, on the other hand, would weave a much different tale. Who would be the Colorado Rockies’ game two starter?

For this exercise, let’s say the starting five consists of Jorge De La Rosa, a healthy Jordan Lyles, a healthy Brett Anderson, Tyler Matzek, and Franklin Morales. Morales, despite pitching rather well during the magical Rocktober of 2007, will be eliminated for this conversation. That leaves two guys who were hurt for much of the year and a rookie. Maybe this is why the Rockies didn’t make the playoffs. Just spitballing here.

Right off the bat, everyone would say Jordan Lyles, as he did go 7-4 in 22 starts this season. He had the best season of everyone not named Jorge, and that should count for something. Posting a 4.33 ERA in almost 130 innings, Lyles had a career year and was the most consistent pitcher in the early part of this season.

Brett Anderson has the most electric stuff on the entire Rockies staff, and he sure flashed it when he was out on …read more