Despite being inspired by real-world events, witches were always the lamest Halloween characters. Warts on their noses, shrieking voices and no taste in color — no, thanks. But then I saw Hocus Pocus on the Disney Channel, and that Bette Middler was sure a delight. I had high hopes that Witches Weed would be just as delightful.

A hybrid of Chemdawg D, Cinderella 99, OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG, Witches Weed certainly sounds like it was brewed up in a cauldron, and its funky high is almost supernatural. I can usually pinpoint a strain’s general effects after a couple of sessions, but Witches Weed continues to take me in different directions every time I smoke it, with varied levels of motivation, disorientation, focus, euphoria and giggles. Some people don’t like the unpredictable high, but most tokers don’t have a tolerance level high enough to notice the differences. I compare its effects to a weed salad: mixing a handful of different strains together for one sweet mindfuck. But what Witches Weed lacks in consistency, it makes up for in flavor. Vivid saccharine flavors of melon and cantaloupe soothe your tastebuds without much of a skunky, dank aftertaste to overpower them, and the cottonmouth is minor.

While Witches Weed has maintained a presence in Denver dispensaries for at least three or four years now, it’s been gaining steam of late. Back to the Garden, the Clinic, DANK, Euflora, High Street Growers, Frosted Leaf, LoDo Wellness, the Stone Dispensary and Wellness Center of the Rockies have all recently carried Witches Weed. It’s tough to beat the cut currently sold at the Clinic, though: The intoxicating fruit-salad scent will instantly put a spell on you.

Looks: Although its heavy pistil coverage is hairier than I’d like, the rusty-red hairs make for

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