With clocks ticking toward the 2015 NBA trade deadline, the Denver Nuggets have been sitting in the driver’s seat for a large portion of the festivities. Or really, the lack of festivities at this point in the process, as there haven’t been any significant moves in quite some time.
The market is littered with players who could be traded before 3 p.m. ET on Thursday, Feb. 19. Goran Dragic, Enes Kanter, Reggie Jackson, Brook Lopez and many more are on the block. But even with all those names ready to be acquired by new organizations, it’s the Nuggets that control the proceedings with only hours remaining.
Their roster may not be stacked with superstars and All-Star candidates, but it’s chock-full of pieces that can realistically be moved before the deadline.
Headliners who can move jerseys off the shelves in a new location? Denver has those and may be looking to move them. Role players who can make significant impacts on teams in contention? Ditto.

Right now, it seems as if “everyone must go” is the Mile High City mantra.
And until the Nuggets act, whether it’s by making a move or withdrawing their players from consideration, it’s going to be tough for anyone else to get the process moving. Grantland’s Zach Lowe explains:

The Nuggets are at the epicenter. They’ve been seeking multiple first-round picks for both Wilson Chandler and Arron Afflalo, talking with obvious contender types like the Blazers and ambulance-chasing with banged-up playoff teams like the Wizards. Snagging two firsts for Timofey Mozgov emboldened the Denver front office to chase big returns, and the rest of the league is waiting for Denver to step back as the deadline approaches.

All eyes should be on this struggling organization right now, especially because it’s going to be so hard for the Suns to get proper value for Dragic—the best player available—while he’s on an expiring deal.
The Nuggets have plenty of contributors apparently sitting tight on the block, and the murky deadline picture won’t clear up until that’s no longer the case.

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